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New York Design Spotlight

04/8/16  |  Tony Sargent

Michael Aram Home Brings Modern Energy and Timeless Tradition to NYC’s Luxury Real Estate Interiors...

Michael Aram Home Brings Modern Energy and Timeless Tradition to NYC’s Luxury Real Estate Interiors

In Hindi, “Aram” literally translates as “ease”. Hindi speakers use the word to connote gentle movement with peace, love, and care. This is exactly the ethos award-winning artist Michael Aram evokes in his timeless metal-ware, home-ware and fine jewelry designs.

While many people know Michael by his luxury home line available in major retailers like Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, and Saks Fifth Avenue, he is also a sculptor, artist, father, and partner. As a fellow Armenian active in New York’s design scene, Michael and I shared many mutual friends but failed to connect in person until 4 years ago when someone introduced us via Facebook. Since then, I have continually been inspired by Michael’s soulful passion for design and his unique creative process.

Aram’s work reflects humanity through the directness of the handmade process, as each piece is lovingly made using age-old traditional techniques. The artisan nature of the work imbues it with a soulful quality and an energy Aram says is only possible with handmade work since it directly reflects the hand of the maker.

Michael discovered handmade metalworking during a trip to India in his early 20s. After studying fine art in New York, Michael sought a new outlet for his creativity. He studied traditional metalworking with Indian craftsmen, whose skills Michael felt were vastly underappreciated and untapped. Michael has since made it his life’s mission to bring this personal, handmade touch to all of his work.

Just in time for spring, “Enchanted Garden” draws us into a private fantasy world.


I’m especially impressed with Michael’s latest collection Enchanted Garden, inspired by the magical quality of spring. Sculpts of intertwined vines and stems gracefully emerge from a fantasy garden adorned with snails and semi-precious stones, while a morning mist of textured stainless steel and dew drops made of Austrian crystals add a sense of narrative, whimsy, and opulence.

“As a child, I imagined that the garden and what grew below was a magical universe,” Michael told me. “Like most boys, I loved insects and looked forward to being outside after a long winter. I found springtime to be absolutely fascinating. The beauty of the season’s first flowers has stuck with me and continues to excite me as one of the most extraordinary times of the year.”

To find Michael’s work in person in New York, visit his flagship store at 136 West 18th Street or online.

Additionally, many other retail stores which carry his beautiful products can be found here.


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