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Homes are more likely to sell when professionally staged. Let Tony’s expertise guide you through increasing your home’s value with staging.

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5 Tips On Staging


Why Does Staging Work?

  • You “Design to Live” and “Stage to Sell”
  • The two have different purposes. The first is to create a peaceful environment for daily living in a stressed world. So designers use muted colors and similar tones throughout. When you decide to sell your home, it has about 3 seconds on someone’s mobile device (usually a phone) to make a huge first impression and stand out amongst many other properties, on a small screen. What looks “lived-in” with lots of stuff in life, can look extremely cluttered in a photo. 
  • Staging works because it creates a visually exciting image online which excites the target buyer’s heartstrings enough to make them make the move to visit your home.  
  • The next step in staging is elevating that excitement and creating the world of living possibilities in the buyer’s mind regarding their life once they enter your home. 
  • As they move through an apartment for the first time, they are both looking for what works, but also are on high alert for anything that indicates it needs work or something is broken.
  • Staging works in its ability to match your home’s best potential to the current sub-market and price point it is priced into against the competing units on the market at the same time - and also in creating a visual and emotional experience for the buyer and their broker that is positive and empowers the buyer to imagine themselves living in your home. 
  • In effect it’s objective is to ‘set the stage’ for the buyer that inspires them to offer on your home vs. another one. 
  • By decluttering, painting, and making adjustments to update it, you bring your home into the current year and price point it is selling into. Otherwise you are asking a buyer to look at your life usually years ago, and see past all of that. Most buyers can’t. And they move on. 
  • Be the home which sells vs. the home buyers look at to buy another home that’s better staged and positioned for the market. 

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